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A Positive Mindset Can Take You Further Than You Could Ever Imagine

Your thoughts become things. Your mindset and your attitude towards work and life will determine how successful you are and if you will make it to the finish line. The way you view your co-workers, employees, and customers can affect your productivity rate and success levels.

Hi! I'm Demetria Gilkey! I work with people who are ready to cut the excuses and transform their mindset so that they can attain personal achievements, professional success, and maximize productivity. If you are ready to condition your mindset, improve your mindset, then let's get started!

Demetria Gilkey

In 4th grade, Demetria Gilkey began to prepare for what was a long road ahead. She struggled in academics, having trouble focusing on reading, understanding mathematics, and trying to keep up with her classmates. So, she had a tutor that would extract her out of class daily and help her successfully graduate to the next grade. She continued this partnership with tutors throughout middle school, high school and college. The other students would often criticize Demetria and it often weighed heavy on her spirit, but she was determined to continue on.

In 10th grade, Demetria was told that she read on a 4th grade level and that she was unlikely to attend college, her ACT score was lower than low. Determined to prove people wrong, Demetria persisted on, taking extra prep classes, working extra hard to ensure that she received her diploma and moved on to college.

While in college, she decided to apply for law school and shared the exciting news with friends and family. She prepared for the LSAT, (Law School Admissions Test), traveled to Nashville, Tennessee 3 times per week for extra tutoring, applied to over 15 schools and they all said no. Devastated, disappointed and lost, she tried again, but was unsuccessful. At this point in her life, she had to decide what was next in her life. She began reading self help books, researching careers, and landing a career in sales that would be the start of a new life.

Demetria always says, when life continued to tell her no, she persevered and created a yes! She refused to give up and today she is on a mission to help people across the world to cut the excuses, keep going, overcome obstacles, transform your attitude, and continue to fight for your dreams.


“Demetria got our East Louisville Rotary Club off to a great start for the day with her exuberance, her positive attitude and her powerful message about customer service. If you are looking for a lively speaker to lift your spirits, I highly recommend Demetria. What was really special is that after her talk our Rotary group continued talking for an additional ten minutes about her message. She truly engaged us all.”

Bob Mueller

Vice President of Development at Hosparus Health

“Demetria joined the Jeffersontown Chamber in April this year and has been a very active and supportive member. She hosted a Lunch & Learn for us on Colorful Conversations for our members and it was very well attended. She was very informative an we learned a lot from her expertise in business coaching. I would highly recommend her as a professional speaker.” 

Denise Johnson

Director at Chamber Jeffersontown

“Demetria Gilkey gave an amazing and engaging presentation in my career readiness program, Track for Success. She spoke on professional communication, and connected with all the participants exceedingly well. I would HIIGHLY recommend Demetria to speak to groups on a multitude of professional topics.”

Jeanne Friebert

Program Director, Dress for Succes
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