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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Customer Experience Strategy

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Customer Experience Strategy

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It’ all about the Customer Experience. When you walk into a Target, what do you smell? I’d be willing to bet your answer is popcorn. What about Dairy Queen? If you have ever visited a Dairy Queen (and I know you have), you know that they are known for turning their Blizzards upside down to verify the thickness of the tasty frozen treat you’re about to enjoy. And finally, all of my Chic-fil-A fans, there are two words that we know the employees ALWAYS use during the order process: my pleasure!

Ladies and gentlemen, these small, yet consistent experiences are part of what’s called a customer experience strategy. A customer experience strategy is necessary for businesses large and small to keep the buyer journey consistent and on brand. It is a strategic plan that breaks down the customer’s experience from the beginning to the end of the transaction. Every business should have one and here are 4 reasons why:


Competitive Advantage


Shockingly, a large number of businesses do not have a strategic customer experience plan in place. However,  those that do are winning customers for LIFE. There are businesses on every corner. Why not set yours apart and implement a fail proof customer experience plan that keeps your customers coming back?


Customer Loyalty

Consumers want consistency. To engage in a failproof customer experience strategy, you’ve got to be consistent. When customers know what to expect, it creates loyalty, leading to a strong relationship. They enjoy a great experience every time. Inconsistency creates frustration, which leads to a decrease in customer retention.  According to Huffington Post, 67% of customers mention bad customer experience as a reason for leaving a company and not returning. If the customers are not returning, then the business is not making money.


Customer Growth

When your business consistently exceeds customer expectations, customers often will share their experience with their friends, family, and others. According to the Huffington Post,  13% of customers  tell 15 or more people if they’re unhappy. Conversely, 72% of consumers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people, so, for every positive experience shared, you just may earn a new customer. That’s why a customer experience strategy is so important to have and implement every single time.


Future Success

When you have a strategic customer experience strategy ready to execute, your associates, leaders, and shareholders know how to provide an amazing customer experience as well as handle difficult situations with customers, should those situations arise. It definitely takes the guess work out of your business because you have a clear process to follow.

Part of a strategy I implemented for a local salon is always asking the client if they would like a neck massage before the barber or beautician begins their service. This helps the client relax and gives them something extra that NO other salon offers. The salon says their clients love it and it is always a great conversation starter. Small things like a quick free neck rub are a small part of what makes a great customer experience strategy and each strategy is different and is based on industry and buyer personas.

What are you doing to set yourself apart in your industry? What extra touch has your clients coming back for more?

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