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3 Attitudes that are running your guests away

3 Attitudes that are running your guests away


Have you ever went to a store to purchase something and the cashier was absolutely awful? He or she had an awful attitude, didn’t give you the full attention that you needed or deserved? Maybe your experience was so bad that you decided not to return ever again.

That’s unfortunate, but it happens every day. Studies from sources such as RightNow have concluded that 82% of customers left a company because of a bad customer experience. Customer experience is defined as the total interaction between a customer and an organization. A guest can love the food at a restaurant, but despise the hostess who greeted them, resulting in a “bad customer experience.”

There are multiple ways to determine if a guest has received a bad customer experience through surveys, online reviews, word of mouth, etc. But, did you know that you or your staff’s attitude could be driving your guests away? Check out these three toxic attitudes that can negatively impact an organization.



Someone has called in, you are short-handed and your line is out the door. You have zero time to follow a whole script or greeting. Therefore, you fly threw the transaction, which makes the customer feel less important or not valued at all; this results in a guest moving on to your competitor and seeking a personalized experience elsewhere. When you are impatient, you cannot think clearly or rationally, which affects your performance. Studies have shown that employees who lack patience are more likely to make preventable mistakes. The next time you are running behind, or you are having one of those days, take a deep breath, relax, and have some empathy for your guests. 9 times out of 10, your guest will be understanding and will appreciate your positive attitude and admire your ability to multi-task.


There is a difference between making a mistake and not caring about your role or your guests. Can you  recall a time when you could tell that the employee didn’t care about their job or the company? Having a behavior of carelessness can transfer into your role and cause unnecessary problems for you and your guests. To eliminate carelessness in your organization, create an interview process that screens applicants thoroughly. Ask behavior based questions that help determine if they are the best fit for your company. It also a great idea to implement a shadow day, where the candidate observes their potential responsibilities in a typical day. Having a careless employee is dangerous to a business and if they continue to stay on board with the company, you risk losing guests and repairing broken relationships because of your careless employee.



Want to know the quickest way to run a guest away, be RUDE. There is never an excuse for someone to be rude to a guest. The customer is not always right, but they are always the customer. Their role remains the same. Interrupting a guest while they are speaking and not allowing them to finish their sentence is an example of being rude. Texting or playing on your cell phone while a guest is speaking to you is a form of being rude. Statistics show that 82% of customers leave businesses because of a poor attitude. Demonstrating rude behavior is poison to a business and must immediately be addressed; otherwise, the repeat offender will continue to behave in that manner and run your guests away. Individual coaching and training is a great way to address rude behavior and get your employee back on track.

A guest experience should be magical, exciting, and unforgettable. Make sure that you are creating that experience with every single customer, every single time. If in doubt, ask yourself, if I were the customer, how would I want to be treated.

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