Demetria Gilkey


Demetria Gilkey learned the value of hard work at an early age, when she learned the foundational concepts of business with her father in his business. He taught her how to treat customers, manage inventory, and sell products to consumers and businesses. After Demetria graduated college, she always knew that she would follow in his footsteps and become the entrepreneur or "Shot-caller" as she calls it. So, she opened her own business after moving to Louisville, Kentucky, where she has successfully served over 300+ customers. Demetria quickly noticed that one of the reasons that her guests kept returning was the experience that she kept giving them. It was consistent, professional and always on time. She started researching guest experience and relied on her own guest management processes, and she decided to open her 2nd business, a consulting business, where she focuses on improving the guest experience and increasing customer retention for businesses. Demetria loves to inform, empower, and inspire her guests one audience at a time.

Demetria Gilkey offers mystery shopper and undercover discovery services, team building events, keynote speaking, and many workshops that are customized based on a company's challenges and goals.

Demetria Gilkey is involved with the National Speakers Association and also holds the prestigious Bob Pike trainer certification and her articles have been featured in multiple outlets such as The International Spa Association and Sola Salon Studios. Demetria’s presentations are engaging, high-powered, and guaranteed to drive positive results within organizations.

Demetria holds a degree in Business Marketing from Western Kentucky University and is known for exceeding benchmarks in any industry that she has worked in. She has traveled across the US, speaking to audiences of various sizes, providing her expertise to organizations from many industries.


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