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When someone contacts your business, do they automatically feel valued? Are they greeted with a warm smile whether it’s in person or on the phone? Is your leadership team leading by example? It’s becoming far too common that customer and client service is not top-of-mind for business professionals who work directly with a company’s clients.

Look at your reviews. Everyone else is! Now more than ever, consumers are checking reviews before purchasing from and doing business with companies, large and small.

If you’re a CEO, Sales Leader, or Manager, you’re busy. You wish there was more time in the day so that you could handle your current workload and also make time to check in with your sales teams and employees to make sure they are treating your clients and prospects with the utmost respect and care.

It’s important for you and your team members to know the ins and outs of client reviews, how to analyze customer satisfaction, and what to do when your team members begin to lost interest in their jobs. Demetria Gilkey is a business expert and has been helping businesses get back on the path to success for over 5 years. Whether it’s focus groups, management training, or business coaching, Demetria can take an inside look at any company and determine the appropriate plan of action to help your company get back to what matters most; excellent customer service.

Turn Your Customer's Experience Into Profit

Attendees will learn how impactful a customer experience plan is, the 3 necessary components of a customer experience strategy, and effective strategies that will help create customer loyalty and growth in their business.

Lead like a Champion. Train like an Olympian.

Are you having a difficult time keeping your staff motivated? You overhear some staff members discussing other employment opportunities with your competitor? Learn clear and simple ways to inspire, engage, and retain your staff in this revolutionary presentation. Attendees will walk away with new ways to grow their staff and create a family environment.

A Deeper Dive into the Customer's Experience

Explore the role and importance of customer experience and how it impacts everyone. You will walk away feeling informed, empowered, and inspired to dive down deeper and provide a customer experience that will keep them coming back again and again.

Let's Stay Together

In this team-building course, your team members will take a deep look into the importance of morale in the workplace and strong communication skills.

Don't wait another day to turn your negative reviews into a learning experience. Contact the Demetria Gilkey for a complimentary consultation.

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