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Speaking Up as a Customer

Speaking Up as a Customer


Do you remember the last time you were wronged by a service provider, individual, or business? It doesn’t have to be a huge complaint or problem and you don’t want to be a whiner, but you deserve to voice your opinion when you feel that you have been wronged, right? But, why is it that you, as the customer, don’t speak up? Are you afraid that you are going to hurt the other person’s feelings? Maybe you want to avoid conflict, so you would rather remain silent?

 So, when should you speak up? Here’s when it matters:

Product Disatisfaction

You work hard for your money, why throw it away? If you receive a service or purchase a product, you deserve the right to be satisfied and your expectations to be fulfilled. If not, you should say something. If not, the company will never know how you feel. This also gives them an opportunity to address the situation and provide a solution for you.

There’s a Financial Discrepancy

If you were charged an incorrect amount, then you should speak up. Even if it’s just a penny, speak up! It’s your money and you spend it how you like. For example, if your tip amount was higher than what you originally wrote in on the receipt, it’s important to get that situation handled. Who knows if it was an honest mistake or if someone is truly taking advantage of others?


Unfair Treatment

This one’s a biggie. If you ever feel that you have been discriminated against, or maybe you were refused service because of your beliefs, sex, origin, ethnicity, race, etc., then you should ask to speak with the manager. If it is the manager who treated you unfairly, then ask to speak with the owner. But, this is an absolute no-no and you deserve to have a shopping experience just like any other paying customer.


Let’s face it. People are going to be human and make mistakes. But they do not know that your expectations were not fulfilled until you let them know. Reach out, talk to people, and let them know about your experience when engaging with their company. 


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